Professional Athlete CPA

Maximizing your wealth is our main focus. Our professional athlete clients include:

- PGA Golfers

- MLB Baseball Players

- NFL Football Players

- NBA Basketball Players

- LPGA Golfers

- WNBA Basketball Players


This happens through the combination of developing a savings plan/budget and a precise tax planning strategy. We discuss with you how to identify your financial goals and wishes. We then apply specific tax strategies to help you reduce your tax liability and increase your wealth.

We assist you when appropriate with the set-up of a business or non-profit organization/foundation. We then follow-through to make sure it is in line with your financial goals and is in compliance with IRS tax reporting requirements

Our tax planning and wealth management is comprehensive. Therefore, we start at the beginning with the signing of your contract and/or anticipated earnings and move into long-range cash projections so that your tax planning is most effective. Because we prepare a substantial number of tax returns for athletes, we stay current with the unique deductions available in the athletes given field. 

At Capital Accounting Group we understand the care that must be taken to ensure our client anonymity and security.  While we are more than happy to provide references and client examples, we can only provide this information during an individual consultation.  So please take the time to call us today so we can discuss how we can ensure your financial security after your playing days are over.


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"Capital Accounting Group has helped me secure my financial future so I don't have to worry about my life after football."

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